Hawk News Service is a student-led media content service based at the School of Communication and Media at Montclair State University.

It’s coordinated by the School’s Center for Cooperative Media and seeks to pair undergraduate student media makers and journalists with news organizations across New Jersey that are part of the Center’s NJ News Commons network.

The NJ News Commons is the Center’s flagship project, a statewide network that includes dozens of professional reporters, writers, editors, visual journalists, podcasters, filmmakers and more.

Through Hawk News Service, students are able to get experience working with professionals along with published clips and broadcast content to add to their portfolios. NJ News Commons members receive valuable content and a chance to mentor the next generation of media professionals.

All Hawk News Service content is available to all NJ News Commons members for republication with full credit.

Some Hawk News Service students work for the Center in addition to their classes and are paid. Others enroll in a semester-long practicum class and receive course credit for their work.

To learn more about Hawk News Service and inquire about opportunities outside of the practicum class, email the Center at [email protected].

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